October 21 2012 Sunday at 05:19 PM

I’m Throwing Away $1,032.76 of Beauty Products...

A few years back I founded a company that distributes beauty products for many of the major brands. I’ve learned a lot about the products along the way. Some good things, but also some disturbing truths that led to me throwing away over $1000 worth of products from my personal collection and changing my life.

After reading about cases of cancer, infertility, birth defects, skin irritation, thinning hair, tumors and more, I couldn’t continue being a part of the problem. Selling toxic so-called “beauty products” made me feel like I was selling cigarettes to children. How is it not common knowledge that these products are dangerous? Once I knew, I had to do something drastic.

I wrangled all of my beloved beauty products and disposed of the 58 that contained harmful ingredients. $1032.76 worth to be exact! Mind you these were my favorite products. How the heck am I supposed to live without them?

I’ll tell you how, I’m going to find suitable replacements. At least that’s what I thought. It turned out buying beauty products with good ingredients at reasonable enough prices is a challenge. Every “all natural” product turned out to be filled with artifical chemicals.

I really missed my coveted assortment of body butters. So much so that I began working on making my own.
I’m proud to say that it only took hundreds of tries to formulate what some people are calling the “nirvana of body butter”.

My friends won’t stop asking for the stuff. Making one jar at a time isn’t practical, and the ingredients are way too expensive in small quantities, so I’m pivoting from selling beauty products that might kill you to making a body butter that just might be the best in the world.