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It Takes 26 Seconds for Skincare Products to Enter Your Bloodstream

It Takes 26 Seconds for Skincare Products to Enter Your Bloodstream

There are only 26 seconds between the moment you apply cosmetics to your skin and the moment they become detectable in your bloodstream.

Europe has banned almost 1,400 ingredients from use in cosmetics, yet the United States has banned only eleven. Since the 1970s, the cosmetics industry has spent billions to lobby the U.S. government for self-regulation of cosmetics. Big skincare companies  argue that your skin acts as a protective barrier, hence the lack of need for regulation, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Some fast-acting medications are now administered through patches because of just how rapidly they absorb through your skin and into your body.


When you use most mainstream beauty products sold in U.S. stores, you are applying carcinogens and neurotoxins proven to be harmful to humans. And when you allow hazardous toxins into you body, the long term effects certainly won’t be good. Carcinogens cause cancer, period.

These are ingredients that have no business being part of your skincare, but they’re effective and inexpensive to produce. Companies that use them are maintaining the status quo because it’s in the best interest of their bottom line, not your health.

That  is why we created Ellovi: to stand up against the big skincare companies perpetuating the problem. Our solution is not only pure, natural, and healthy, but also highly effective.

We make six-ingredient skincare so pure you could eat it, from ingredients ethically sourced and wildly harvested from around the world, in places where they grow naturally.

Since 2013, over 100,000 people have tried Ellovi and have fallen in love with our little Berkeley, California-based company. We’re proud to have customers in 38 countries. And we are incredibly excited to introduce Ellovi subscriptions.

Because we’re confident that you’ll see incredible results with Ellovi Butter, our all-over moisturizer, we’re thrilled to offer you your first jar of Ellovi Butter for FREE, and then 25% off each jar after that. You can switch flavors, skip a month, or cancel anytime. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Welcome to the Ellovi family!