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See Your Skin With Love

See Your Skin With Love

Your skin is like a great warrior. It’s out there in battle, fighting for you 24/7. It’s constantly engaged in a war against things like toxins, imbalance, and disease. It fights against the elements to keep you safe. It works around the clock to provide you with helpful vitamins and minerals that prevent aging and decay. It might be your hardest-working ally, yet so many of us fail to realize just how amazing it is.

When we recognize the immense work our skin does for us, we can begin to develop a more symbiotic relationship. Think of it like this - If your skin is out there in battle fighting for you, you want to provide it with proper nourishment and care. That way, it can do a better job. It’s a win-win. 

So, how to care for your skin?

If there’s one piece of advice I could tell people who are looking to improve their skin, it would be this:

See your skin with love

When you see your skin with love, you are naturally inspired to care for it. Suddenly the self-care routines, healthy eating, and daily rituals become second nature. It’s almost like your skin starts telling you exactly what it needs. You become more intuitive, you start to notice patterns and trends, and you feel a lot better. 

Here are a few tips to help you develop a loving relationship with your skin.

1. Acknowledge Your Skin
So many of us are constantly bashing our skin for all of it’s various “flaws". Not only does this contribute to the production of harmful chemicals, but it also blinds us from recognizing what it’s really doing - constantly working to maintain a state of balance and radiance. When we acknowledge the hard work our skin does, we recognize that bashing our skin only makes matters worse. What we want to do is feed our skin love and support so its job becomes easier.

2. Prioritize Skincare
The better the care you give to your skin, the better care it gives to you. This should be really simple, yet so many of us find that we’re constantly neglecting our skincare. Taking even just a few minutes out of our day to focus on skincare helps to develop a positive connection. 

I recommend a daily 15-minute ritual that involves cleansing, massaging & moisturizing.

3. Be Allys With Your Skin

Imagine that there is a great warrior out there fighting for you on the battlefield. If you give them food, water, and proper care they can do a better job. This is how we should look at skincare. We’re not up against our skin. Our skin is on our side. If we see our skin as an ally, we naturally attempt to support it. 


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