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Sensitive Skin Tips

Sensitive Skin Tips

✋🏼 Do you have sensitive skin?

💡 Here’s something you gotta know…

🤏🏼 When you use an ingredient on your skin a relationship happens.

🌟 The relationship is how that ingredient interacts with your body - It’s either helpful, harmful or neutral.

😌 Our goal is, of course, to use skincare products that are helpful and form a symbiotic relationship.

🌿 To do this, it’s important to observe the impact of what we use.

🥐 It’s similar with food - If we notice that every time we eat bread we get brain-fog, we can eventually make the connection that it’s likely gluten causing this feeling so we eliminate it from our diet.

🧐 What’s important to consider is that there needs to be a way to make the connection in order for us to discover it.

🚨 Now can you imagine if you had a skin rash and when you go to ask the waiter what was in the food you just ate he lists 67 different things?

😳 It could be nearly impossible to figure out what has caused it.

🌸 Skincare works in a similar way.

👩🏽‍🦰 If your skin is showing signs of trouble, it’s because there is a relationship with something that is causing trouble.

🙌🏻 To resolve this is a very simple matter of observing, identifying the culprit, and eliminating it.

🙃….Only this becomes very complicated when you use a lot of products with a lot of ingredients. (The average person puts 168 chemicals on their skin per day)

🤭 You end up with no idea of what’s causing what.

🥥 It’s much easier to understand when you minimize the number of ingredients and products you use.

💗 My greatest skincare advise is to just watch how your products impact you and make sure you only enter into good relationships.

🍃 If you try a new product use it consistently for at least a month. (Skin does not like it when you switch up products and routines all the time).

⚡️Anytime you do something new watch the impact. If something causes trouble eliminate it.

🌞 To be in a vibrant state is really not so complicated. It’s about symbiosis. Healthy relationships. Understanding the impact things have on each other on doing your mark to make sure they are positive.


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