Launched in 2013, Ellovi's original goal aimed to change an industry ruled by products laden with harmful ingredients and cheap fillers. Over the past six years, we have become a leader in vegan natural skincare with more than 100,000 customers in 38 countries. 

What you put on your skin goes more than skin deep, which is why we only source ingredients from nature.

Handmade with love in Berkeley, California, "Butter" is our original six-ingredient skincare formula. It is an intensely hydrating body moisturizer made from skin superfoods: Hemp, Marula, Shea, and Macadamia. We encourage you to read our ingredient label and compare to other brands. You'll never find synthetic ingredients, preservatives, parabens, or other secret ingredients in what we make. We use only ethically-sourced, healthy, and healing ingredients. We are passionate about crafting pure nutritional skincare products from plants. 

Timeline of Ellovi Growth



On April 20th, Ellovi Butter launched at Berkeley Vegan Earth Day. We met our first customers and many 
became our closest friends.


In just one year, more than 100,000 jars of Butter were sold in 20 countries. We also launched our second product, Lip Butter, made with skin superfoods shea, hemp, and marula.


Three more flavors were added to the Butter family including Vanilla, made with the most pure form of vanilla, cold-pressed from raw vanilla beans.


We launched our product line in retail stores in the United States and Australia.


After four years of rapid growth, Ellovi's Butter and Lip Butter are old around the globe in 38 countries, as awareness of clean skincare continues to spread.


This year, our team doubled in size and the Ellovi brand  relaunched with eye-catching iridescent packaging, as well as refined and brand new flavors.


Ellovi has been cruelty-free and vegan since day one. Our promise to you, and ourselves, is to always make skincare products with integrity and the healthiest ingredients on the planet.