Ellovi was born in my kitchen.

It all began back in 2012 when I discovered that the skincare industry was not so clean. I was frustrated with the products I was using because they didn’t seem to leave my skin feeling any better than before. They were labeled “all natural” but didn’t seem so natural as they were causing my skin all sorts of irritations. I kept trying to find products that were clean and effective but kept running into products that felt harmful. I couldn’t understand why this was happening. After hours of research, I found that this is standard in the beauty industry and that’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands. 

I started formulating skincare products from scratch. You could find me in the kitchen for hours mixing batches of everything from shampoos to deodorant to foundation. What surprised me was that actually worked! Through this, I fell in love with the incredible properties of plants. I knew that they worked better when left in their natural state and that you don’t need 60+ ingredients to make a good moisturizer. I found that my simple recipes were actually more effective than the $100+ dollar creams sold on the market. Thats when I decided to share my discoveries with the world. 

Never in a million years did I think I would be the founder of a skincare line, but life happened and here we are! What I discovered was that the calling to create Ellovi was about so much more than clean skincare. Ellovi was founded to be part of a greater movement. It's intention is to challenge the status quo, raise the bar, reconnect with nature, empower people, and share compassion. 

I hope you see this reflected in everything we do.

With love,
Kelly Winterhalter


Timeline of Ellovi Growth



On April 20th, Ellovi Butter launched at our local Berkeley Vegan Earth Day. We met our first customers and many 
became our closest friends.


In just one year, we sold out of jars and started scrambling to determine how to scale.


Three more flavors were added to the Butter family including Vanilla, made with the most pure form of vanilla, cold-pressed from raw vanilla beans.


We launched our product line in retail stores in the United States and Australia.


After four years of rapid growth, Ellovi's Butter and Lip Butter are old around the globe in 38 countries, as awareness of clean skincare continues to spread.


Today, despite being sold globally, we still handcraft all products out of our warehouse in Berkeley, California. .


Ellovi has been cruelty-free and vegan since day one. Our promise to you, and ourselves, is to always make skincare products with integrity and the healthiest ingredients on the planet.