Six-ingredient handmade body butter

Ellovi Butter is a raw body butter made from only six pure ingredients grown naturally around the world. What's really special about Butter is that we don’t add water. That means it's highly concentrated, can’t evaporate like other moisturizers, and we don't need preservatives.

Butter soaks in deep and moisturizes your skin better from the inside out. Even after washing your hands or bathing, Butter will keep your skin intensely hydrated and nourished for days.

We believe you should feed your skin the most pure and nutritional ingredients on the planet. That's why we created Ellovi.

We created Butter because other body butters and moisturizers are full of unnecessary chemicals, parabens, and preservatives created in science labs. Your skin is like one giant sponge, so you've got to protect it from soaking in the bad stuff.


Lip Butter

Ellovi Lip Butter

We’ve taken all of the best things about Ellovi Butter, and made the perfect portable variation for your lips.

Like Butter, Lip Butter is made with just six ingredients so pure you can eat them.

The six ingredients are Hawaiian coconut, sunflower, hemp, macadamia, Ghanaian marula, and shea.


Tinted Lip Butter

Ellovi Lip Butter

Tinted takes everything great about Lip Butter, and lightly tints your lips with the perfect hint of red.

Natural tint is an ancient beauty secret. We infuse Lip Butter with the red root of a Mediterranean flower called alkanet.

Tinted is lead-free and made from just six ingredients.



Ingredients so pure you can eat them


No animal testing or ingredients


Wildly harvested, reusable glass jar

What you see here is what you get in every jar

Macadamia Nut

Full of youthening fatty acids that are naturally present in young skin


Provides proteins, amino acids, and vitamins that revitalize skin


Used in Africa for thousands of years as an anti-aging regimen

Hemp Seed

Loaded with antioxidants that cleanse skin of environmental toxins


Considered sacred by ancient African natives for its natural healing powers

Key Benefits

Non-comedogenic and works great as a facial moisturizer, makeup remover, and sunscreen.

Butter deeply hydrates skin, preventing fine lines and wrinkles from ever forming.

Great for sensitive skin. Helps improve the appearance of cuts, burns, scars, and ezecma.

We don't add fragrance. Butter's light nutty aroma is actually the raw ingredients.

Lucky Magazine
I'm very impressed and I'm a fan! I really love these products because they feel amazing, they really work, they're natural and great for my skin and lips.
—Adri's World, Lucky Magazine

You’ve probably already prayed at the altar of Ellovi, the so-pure-you-can-eat-it all-purpose butter that hydrates so well. Seal in all that baby-soft, post-pampered skin with this rich salve that melts into skin and leaves you supple and glowing.
—Ashlee Piper, Refinery29

Earth Remedy
It is ahhhmazing! My skin looks supple, lush, and stays hydrated. Ellovi Butter is on par with the very best body products I have ever used - and believe me, I've used PLENTY.
—Lauren Cosenza, Divalicious

Vegan Beauty Review
My all-time FAVE body butter is *drum roll* Ellovi’s BUTTER! Why is it the dopest of the dope, you ask? It has a subtle sweet and nutty scent, and it absorbs quickly and effortlessly into the skin.
—Sunny Subramanian, Vegan Beauty Review