Our Story

I fell in love with Ellovi while searching for ways to simplify my skin care routine. Struggling with breakouts, sensitive skin, and a sense of dizzying confusion while marketers pandered to me daily, I was inspired to take my health in hand. This energy was fueled even more so as I entered the most important phase of my life, motherhood. Knowing that our skin absorbs what we expose it to, I wanted to empower myself to not only keep in good health, but to use the best products possible for my babies’ delicate skin.

In comes Ellovi delivering exactly what I was looking for, products made ethically, cleanly, and transparently. I was spending countless dollars on beautifully packaged products that hide their true impact behind attractive marketing and jargon. I could finally leave behind the endless lists of difficult to pronounce, poorly regulated, toxic ingredients. Just as I was making efforts to clean up my eating, moving away from synthetics and preservatives, so I did with my skincare. 

The result? I not only improved my skin health and that of my babies, but I noticed an improvement in my nightly routine which in turn affected my connection to my body. The domino effect was noticeable. Once I understood that this was possible to do with thoughtfully selected natural ingredients without all the added junk, the creative spark went off and I took up the Ellovi mission, making it my own. 

I’m passionate about health, well-being, and feeling beautiful inside and out and I’m so excited to explore natural ingredients, evolving Ellovi, tailor-made to our customers. Our team is working to keep our production boutique while meticulously upholding the standards we’ve always kept to as an act of compassionate direction to steer skincare customers toward the healthy path. Another important goal for us is to keep the customer voice prominent in directions products take.

At Ellovi we are about nurturing relationships, something larger companies struggle to do. That means within ourselves, with nature, and with our customers. Thank you for taking this journey to health with us – looking toward new and exciting directions.

our Commitment

Ellovi has been cruelty-free and vegan since day one. Our promise to you, and ourselves, is to always make skincare products with integrity and healthy ingredients. We’ll consistently hold up the highest standard for GMP, non GMO, and biodegradable packaging as we create with compassion.

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