6-Ingredient Moisturizers

That are pure enough to eat.




Our Products

We make everything by hand in California.

We do things differently....

We believe skincare should be as pure as it gets. That products should be kind to our earth and its animals. That women should be empowered. That businesses should be ethical and hold the highest regard for the consumer. And that you really don't need preservatives and synthetic junk in your moisturizer.

Our Ingredients

We spent years searching for the most effective, sustainable and healing ingredients on the plant. Here are our staples:

Meet Butter

The versatile body & facial moisturizer.

  • Ultra-Hydrating

    100% concentrated & incredibly rich. Intense moisture that lasts longer

  • Healing

    Powerful ingredients that help to nourish and heal your skin

  • Small Business

    Made by hand, by women in California.

  • Versatile

    Body moisturizer, facial cream, hair conditioner, lubricant, or makeup remover.

Here's what our customers say...

  • “Scars that I thought I would have for years are gone! Ellovi Butter is truly healing. I used it every day especially on a burn mark that I got while cooking. Not only has the burn mark almost completely faded away - but my hands look amazing!”

    -Erin P

  • "Butter immediately improved the condition of my feet making them appear soft and moisturized. That same day I tried it as an overnight all-over body treatment, and woke up with the softest skin. Butter is a very concentrated product that keeps the skin moisturized for several days even after you wash it, and I don’t think I’ve seen a product do that before. I confirmed that claim by not using it for a couple of days, and my feet and elbows still looked nice two days later."


  • “I really love the velvety feeling of rubbing it into my skin. Applying it has become a luxury. Ive been applying it to my face once or twice a day... The skin has become smoother and the discoloration is fading. Here is my before and after from day one to seven”

    - Nihala T