6-Ingredient Skincare

Made from the purest ingredients available


Skin is Sensitive

Your skin is constantly absorbing what you put on it. That’s why we make products that are pure enough to eat.


    We like to keep things simple. Our Butter is just 6-ingredients so you can easily and clearly identify exactly what you are putting on your skin.


    We don’t dilute our products with water. Our Butter is a rich and intensely concentrated product made without preservatives.


    This is not your everyday natural moisturizer. The power of the ingredients supports effective absorption and helps your skin to maintain moisture. Yes, it actually works!


    Our Butter is incredibly versatile. It works as an all-over moisturizer, a makeup remover, facial cream, tattoo salve, belly balm, hair conditioner, or baby cream.

What We’re All About


Just like in the natural world, we believe true beauty is pure and simple. We focus on the essentials in all that we do for a difference you can feel.


We believe compassion and harmlessness create a better planet. Our products are not tested on animals and will stay vegan and cruelty free for life.


From the ingredients we choose to the packaging we use, we’ve made it our personal mission to infuse sustainability into all aspects of Ellovi.

What's Inside?

Our products are ethically sourced with ingredients like Ghanaian shea, Madagascan marula, hemp seed, and macadamia nuts.

The six ingredients of butter, macadamia nuts, Ghanaian shea, Madagascan marula, coconut, hemp seed and arrowroot


Ellovi is one of the best discoveries I've made while transitioning to healthier, greener products. The ingredients are so simple, yet effective. The scents are lovely but not overpowering or artificial. The body butter glass jar is so classy.

Ellovi is absolute perfection. It's so moisturizing my dry and itchy skin just soaks it up. The scent is soothing. Moisturizing has become a religious experience.

Love this stuff! Great smooth texture that blends well in skin and smells great too.

I have used it as a face cream and body lotion for two years now and it is simply the best. This is the best hand cream, the best face moisturizer, and the best body lotion, all in one jar. Smells yummy too.

Love your body butter! It's so refreshing being able to feel confident putting this on my skin knowing it's good for my skin and no harmful ingredients to be concerned with. It's healed a couple dry patches on my back instantly, gone!

My favorite body butter/balm. Everyone I've given one of these to says the same!


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