6-Ingredient Skincare

So pure you could eat it.


Handmade in California

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Made with Compassion

Our products are vegan & cruelty-free



    There's a reason we call it Butter. This smooth, deeply moisturizing formula won't evaporate, unlike water-filled lotions which dry out your skin. Ellovi rebalances your body's natural oils keeping you healthy and nourished.


    Every product put on your skin is absorbed into the body in 26 seconds. With Butter, each superfood ingredient we use is pure enough to eat with healing benefits, and you can pronounce each one.


    We exist to bring transparency to the mainstream beauty industry. Our ingredients are ethically sourced and wildly harvested. We are in partnership with women's collectives globally, including purchasing our skin-boosting shea butter from Ghana.


    At Ellovi, we believe your skincare decision has an impact on the larger world. We stand strongly against animal testing, and recognize that being cruelty-free and vegan is as important as producing high quality skincare products made with powerful, natural ingredients.


Ellovi is one of the best discoveries I've made while transitioning to healthier, greener products. The ingredients are so simple, yet effective. The scents are lovely but not overpowering or artificial. The body butter glass jar is so classy.

Ellovi is absolute perfection. It's so moisturizing my dry and itchy skin just soaks it up. The scent is soothing. Moisturizing has become a religious experience.

Love this stuff! Great smooth texture that blends well in skin and smells great too.

I have used it as a face cream and body lotion for two years now and it is simply the best. This is the best hand cream, the best face moisturizer, and the best body lotion, all in one jar. Smells yummy too.

Love your body butter! It's so refreshing being able to feel confident putting this on my skin knowing it's good for my skin and no harmful ingredients to be concerned with. It's healed a couple dry patches on my back instantly, gone!

My favorite body butter/balm. Everyone I've given one of these to says the same!