Summertime Skincare Hero: Avocado

Summer’s just around the corner and we’re already out there soaking up Vitamin D, happy to get a break from volatile weather and layered clothing. Each season brings its own unique beauty as well as challenges for our bodies, starting, and ending for our biggest organ – the skin.   As we expose skin to warmer […]

Travel Skincare Made Easy | Best Practices

Air travel and all travel, for that matter, can take a physical toll on us, with artificially recirculated air, dehydrating airplane cabins, low humidity, and hard water. In addition, travel can be stressful, whether you’re attending an event you’re anxious about, or a daunting work function, or you’ve just hit some snags along the path […]

Bathing Ritual: Re-learning Ancient Self-care

Amid the flurry of the holidays, work deadlines, sick season, and all the other ever-running to-do list items keeping us hyper productive day in and day out, not to mention the constant tech saturation, and pressures on small and large scales, it’s no wonder stress is written all over our faces (and bodies). We know […]

Cold Weather Skin Care: Tips to Glow Inside & Out

Chilly weather pitfalls are upon us so it’s time to suit up to have a healthier season, armed with knowledge and healthy routines. Though many of us have dodged chronic skin conditions, much of the US population struggles with flare ups of Eczema, Psoriasis, and more, with cases on the rise. We know that environmental […]

What is the Clean Beauty Movement? Holding Ourselves Accountable

Ingredient source transparency and integrity is a key issue in the skin care space, one with battles that lead companies large and small to cut corners and make sacrifices on their principles for profit. The tide of ignorant consumer decision-making is turning with more and more demand for clarity and accountability when it comes to […]

The Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil: An Ancient Wisdom

The scent of Frankincense brings forth images of ribbons of slowly ascending smoke, centered, deep breathing, flickering candle light and glowing skin.  This ancient ingredient, mentioned in ceremonial, medicinal, and spiritual practice dating back thousands of years in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, has withstood the test of time as an ingredient widely lauded […]

What are Carrier Oils? | Benefits & Uses

We’ve discussed essential oils and their endless benefits and learned about best practices for topical application for skin care, most importantly, pairing them with great carrier oils.  Carrier oils are natural oils which are used as a base in skincare and aromatherapy to dilute essential oils to mitigate their concentration and avoid potential irritation. Versatile […]

What are the Health Benefits of Essential Oils? | Breaking Down the Essentials

Some of the oldest skin health routines and “prescriptions” ever recorded for all sorts of physical, internal, and emotional ailments were essential oils, handed down through ancient wisdom over centuries, providing safe and effective empowerment for self healing.  Growing interest in wellness has turned essential oils into a booming industry, which means oils are more […]

Why Use Lip Balm?

Our lips are up against environmental villains every day, from sun exposure, cold weather, wind, and even our own saliva. Because they aren’t armed with oil producing abilities like the rest of our skin and are more delicate, lips require tailored TLC and attention. Protecting and caring for our lips is a vital part of […]

Back to the Basics

These days it’s not always easy to sift through all the skin care brands promising this and promising that to arrive at an easily informed conclusion about which products to choose. Beautifully bottled brands in glittering, elegant packaging tout the magic of their products to turn back the hands of time, to lighten, lessen, tighten, […]

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