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Aromatherapy: A History of Love & Wellness

A Brief History of Aromatherapy

The term Aromatherapy was coined by French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosee in 1928, modernizing and expanding on the deeply rooted venerated practice dating back to 3500 BC. An integral part of ancient sensual and health routines, aromas of essential oils have long been used as powerful triggers of physical response and sense memory. 

Aromatherapy has been practiced in ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, and China. Its almost mystical reach has survived through time, lending weight to nature’s healing power, practicality, and accessibility.

Aside from the legend of Cleopatra, ancient Egyptians were known to create oil combinations to support or induce states of meditation, war, and love. Studied by monks, philosophers, and great thinkers throughout cultures and ages, this time-tested study of nature remains a worthwhile quest for seekers of emotional and physical wellness.

Unlocking the Psychology

Inhaling essential oils stimulates the limbic system which is the part of the brain were moods and emotions are centered. Strong associations are created by way of scent, which, when combined with touch, sets a stage for relaxation, stress relief, and romantic connection, all gems that have been known about the effects of aromatherapy. 

Often we find that the keys to unlocking emotional and sensual connection lie in the barriers we constantly work through within ourselves on a daily basis. Stress, pain, sleep issues and other similar struggles tend to poison the well of wellness, interrupting our ability to stay in tune with our bodies and those of our loved ones.  Aromatherapy nourishes an environment in which we can refocus on sensation, in effect, reducing the noise.

Aromatherapy as Part of Daily Life

In the spirit of February, the month to celebrate love, reigniting a connection to self and to others by way of sense memory and mental health care, is the best gift that could be given. We’ve heard time and time again that refilling personal wellness coffers often increases the ability and agility of that expression to those we care for.

Taking the ancient Egyptians practice further, we can create a personal experience with combinations of oils connecting us more closely to our bodies in a world of overstimulation.  A steady hand through time remains a worthy guide back to self, keeping us in step with nature and one another.


At Ellovi we believe skin health is deeply connected to overall health and well-being. Our mission is to offer wellness using pure ingredients with safe and transparent methods. Self care is not just a luxury and it cannot wait. We’re here to remind you to invest in your health from head to toe, inside and out. 

Team Ellovi 🌺

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