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Our Favorite Skincare Secret

Oil Cleansing

Oil cleansing is one of my favorite little-known secrets of non-toxic skincare. It’s a bit counter-intuitive for some as you actually use oil to remove dirt and, yes, oil from your skin, but trust me – it works wonders! Here’s How:

Step 1:

Apply a penny-sized amount of Butter or another oil to your fingertips and massage your face in a circular motion for 1 minute.  

Step 2:  

Take a warm damp washcloth and hold it over your face for 30 seconds. This step is important because it helps your pores to open and brings impurities to the surface. Wipe your face with the cloth until your skin is clean and smooth. 

What to Expect: 

Oil cleansing often involves a detox and acclimation period. It’s normal for skin to have a reaction period of between 2-10 days when switching skincare methods. Once your skin has adjusted you will likely experience countless benefits such as:

• Reduced acne
• Softer skin. 
• Reduction in puffiness, blotchiness, and sunspots.
• Regulated oils (yes, less oily!)
* Healthier, more vibrant, glowing skin. 

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