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Business as an Act of Love

Business as an Act of Love

 Business is an exchange with the world. You are constantly interfacing with people, companies, goods, and services. This exchange creates a network of interactions. Each one of the interactions creates an impact on the world that extends beyond what the eye can see. 

Most companies do business for dollars. The primary intention behind all of their decisions is money. With money as the primary motivation, we can easily be blinded. We lose sight of a greater perspective on life, and we contribute to a state of imbalance by doing things like creating unhealthy products, having unhappy workers, and exploiting the earth. When we make decisions that are careless in their regard for others, it ultimately leads to a state of imbalance in ourselves.  

This is why we should look at business in a new light. It's a great opportunity. We can use it as a platform to contribute positively to everything we interact with. Having this intention leads to deeper internal peace and a greater connection to the whole. 

Business as an act of love means having the intention for everything that you do to contribute positively. It’s in the way that you communicate your messages to the world. The way you treat your employees. Where you purchase your goods, and how you interface with others. Everything we do has an impact, and when it’s done in love the impact is filled with peace and wonder. 


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