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Sensitive Skin Tips

Sensitive Skin Tips

✋🏼 Do you have sensitive skin?

💡 Here’s something you gotta know…

🤏🏼 When you use an ingredient on your skin a relationship happens.

🌟 The relationship is how that ingredient interacts with your body - It’s either helpful, harmful or neutral.

😌 Our goal is, of course, to use skincare products that are helpful and form a symbiotic relationship.

🌿 To do this, it’s important to observe the impact of what we use.

🥐 It’s similar with food - If we notice that every time we eat bread we get brain-fog, we can eventually make the connection that it’s likely gluten causing this feeling so we eliminate it from our diet.

🧐 What’s important to consider is that there needs to be a way to make the connection in order for us to discover it.

🚨 Now can you imagine if you had a skin rash and when you go to ask the waiter what was in the food you just ate he lists 67 different things?

😳 It could be nearly impossible to figure out what has caused it.

🌸 Skincare works in a similar way.

👩🏽‍🦰 If your skin is showing signs of trouble, it’s because there is a relationship with something that is causing trouble.

🙌🏻 To resolve this is a very simple matter of observing, identifying the culprit, and eliminating it.

🙃….Only this becomes very complicated when you use a lot of products with a lot of ingredients. (The average person puts 168 chemicals on their skin per day)

🤭 You end up with no idea of what’s causing what.

🥥 It’s much easier to understand when you minimize the number of ingredients and products you use.

💗 My greatest skincare advise is to just watch how your products impact you and make sure you only enter into good relationships.

🍃 If you try a new product use it consistently for at least a month. (Skin does not like it when you switch up products and routines all the time).

⚡️Anytime you do something new watch the impact. If something causes trouble eliminate it.

🌞 To be in a vibrant state is really not so complicated. It’s about symbiosis. Healthy relationships. Understanding the impact things have on each other on doing your mark to make sure they are positive.

Skin Talk...

Skin Talk...

✋🏼 Let’s talk about skincare...

👩🏽‍🦰 Our bodies are an interconnected self-maintaining system.

🌿 Every person, every animal, & every tree has its own rhythm and internal system.

🌟 So do the stars, the planets, the moon, and the clouds passing by in the sky.

🌎 There are vastly complex systems interwoven and interdependent with all of life.

🌞 Each are filled with countless functions and processes that make up the whole.

🐝 When the individual components are aligned, the system works in unison and it thrives.

🥦 When a tree gets the right amount of water and sunlight it can grow tall and yield fruits.

🐶 When a dog gets a healthy diet, enough exercise, and play, they find balance.

🚗 When all of the components that make up a car are functioning properly and in unison with each other, the car can drive.

🤏🏼 This is the same for our bodies & our skin.

😉 There is a unique system of functions and processes that govern how our skin works.

💗 When that system has all the proper components that it needs to thrive, it will.

⛑ If any of the components don’t properly support the whole, your skin will fall out of balance and troubles will appear.

🪢 To fix this is only a matter of restoring the balance.

💧When we look to nature for answers on how to do this we see that there is always a natural attempt in life to restore balance.

🔥 Notice how a forest regrows after a fire comes, or how our bodies respond to a cold, or what happens if we become obese.

😌 Life is always fighting for equilibrium.

🧐 This implies something really interesting for skincare…

🌈There is a natural attempt for life to be balanced.

😳It’s only our fighting against a perfectly cohesive system that throws something off.

🚨When something is thrown off, it’s not that there is something “bad” or “wrong” with our skin.

👐🏼 It’s just that we need to stop doing whatever it is that we are doing that has it all thrown off and allow life to do what it naturally needs to do to thrive.

🙃…More on this subject later as it goes much deeper….

Comment if you agree 🙂

25 Way to use Butter

25 Way to use Butter
  1. Makeup Remover - Put a tiny drop of Butter on a cotton swab or cloth to effortlessly wash makeup off your face. It’s a great eye makeup remover as well. 
  2. Hair Conditioner - Butter works great as a hair conditioner if you use it before the shampoo. 
  3. Facial Cream - The skin on your face is sensitive. Butter works great on sensitive skin. 
  4. Sunscreen - The natural ingredients in Butter have their own natural sun protective properties. It’s light protection so be careful not to rely on it if you are out all day. 
  5. Shaving Cream - You can use Butter as a shaving cream for the legs or underarms.
  6. Lubricant - Pure enough to eat. Need I say more?
  7. Cuticle Balm - Butter is incredibly soothing to sensitive areas like the cuticles. 
  8. Belly Balm - Pregnant bellies love Butter. It helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin and can reduce the chance of getting stretch marks. 
  9. Baby Butter - Baby’s have sensitive skin which is why the minimal and gentle ingredients in Butter are great for them. 
  10. Massage Oil - The rich creamy consistency works perfectly for massages. 
  11. All Over Moisture - Anywhere you have dry skin, just rub it in!
  12. Healing Salve - The nutritious ingredients in Butter are helpful for things like sunburns, scars, and eczema. 
  13. Tattoo Cream - Butter is great for keeping your tattoo fresh longer. 
  14. Gua Sha Balm - If you work with facial massage stones, you can use Butter to enhance the benefits. 
  15. Yoga Butter - Got achy muscles after yoga? Rub Butter in and massage them for instant relief. 
  16. Foot Deep Moisture - Do you have really dry feet? Here’s a technique you can use to instantly fit it: Put a generous amount all over your feet and sleep wearing socks. You will be shocked by how soft your feet are in the morning. 
  17. Lip Moisture - Yup, Butter works on the lips too. (It won’t stick as long as Lip Butter but it still works)
  18. Men's After-Shave - Soothe the sensitive skin on your face after shaving with Butter. 
  19. Head Balm - Have a bald head or spots? You can use Butter on the top of the head. (It even provides some sun protection). 
  20. Knuckle & Knee Healer - For anyone who’s got dry cracking knuckles or knees you know how painful that can be. Try Butter daily and watch your skin transform. 
  21. Under Makeup - If your foundation is coming on cakey you can add a tiny drop of Butter to your skin prior to applying. It will make the foundation easier to apply. It also works great under lipsticks if they are drying out your skin. 
  22. Frizz Control - If you have frizzy hair you can put a tiny amount of Butter in it. 
  23. Deep Hair Treatment - Put Butter in your hair before bed and then shampoo out the next day for a deep conditioning treatment. 
  24. Under Eye Treatment - Butter helps to reduce puffy eyes. Apply a small amount under the eyes morning and night. 
  25. Cold Care - Ever blow your nose so much that the skin under your nose dries out and becomes painful? If this happens try applying a tiny amount of Butter to it 3-5x a day.