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What to Expect When Using Butter

What to Expect When Using Butter

Butter works differently.

Butter is not like other products on the market. It's oil-based, made with just 6 plant ingredients, and is completely free from synthetic chemicals and preservatives. It works differently than other lotions and moisturizers on the market. Here's what to except when you make the switch:

#1 Highly Concentrated Deep Moisture

When we say it's rich, we mean it. This is because we use no water. You need only a small amount with each use. Unlike water-based lotions that evaporate, Butter soaks in and lasts longer. 

#2 The Detox:  2-14 days

When switching from synthetic products to natural, your skin will likely require a detox period. This is normal and not to be feared. It typically takes anywhere from 2-14 days. Once your skin reacclimates you will begin to see a new type of balance and reduced sensitivity. 

#3 Skin Changes

Nourishing with oils is especially helpful because it lifts excess sebum, cleans pores, reduces dryness, irritation, discoloration and so much more. Everyone will experience slightly different results. The way to get the most out of it is to use it daily and follow a regular self-care routine. 

+ Bonus if you drink a lot of water

Here are some ideas for how to
get the most out of Butter:

  • Use immediately after a bath or shower 
  • Follow an oil-cleanse facial care routine
  • Apply to skin after dry-brushing
  • Follow the same skincare patterns daily for consistent results

Our Favorite Skincare Secret!

Our Favorite Skincare Secret!

Oil Cleansing

Oil cleansing is one of my favorite little-known secrets of non-toxic skincare. It’s a bit counter-intuitive for some as you actually use oil to remove dirt and, yes, oil from your skin, but trust me - it works wonders! Here's How: 

Step 1:

Apply a penny-sized amount of Butter or another oil to your fingertips and massage your face in a circular motion for 1 minute.  

Step 2:  

Take a warm damp washcloth and hold it over your face for 30 seconds. This step is important because it helps your pores to open and brings impurities to the surface. Wipe your face with the cloth until your skin is clean and smooth. 

What to Expect: 

Oil cleansing often involves a detox and acclimation period. It's normal for skin to have a reaction period of between 2-10 days when switching skincare methods. Once your skin has adjusted you will likely experience countless benefits such as:

• Reduced acne
• Softer skin. 
• Reduction in puffiness, blotchiness, and sunspots.
• Regulated oils (yes, less oily!)
* Healthier, more vibrant, glowing skin. 

P.S. - If you want personalized skincare recommendations, email: 

The Self Report: Fill Your Cup

The Self Report: Fill Your Cup

Featuring  from Off White Mag


Have you heard of the analogy — you can’t fill someone else’s cup before you fill yours? I use this for everything, but today let’s touch upon taking care of your wellbeing.

Taking care of your wellbeing is not selfish; it’s necessary to flow with the nature of this world. You cannot fill someone’s cup until you fill yours first. Self-care is about preserving you as a human being, as well as your soul. Replenish those stores of your mental, emotional, and physical energy. It may be pausing life, or it may be an energy life gives out.

How do you fill your cup?

1. Spend some time on you. Get a mani/pedi or a spa treatment. Maybe merely a bath! It means that you need to stop and recharge yourself. Call up a friend and catch up. Fill your cup with joy — an energy life is giving you.

2. Take time to eat your meal or indulge in a desert. Nourish your body this way — another energy of joy.

3. Plan a vacation. You’ll get excited.

4. Attend a workshop – there are plenty of online ones today. Even Steve Moore created an online class to build bouquets at home. They sent the flowers, and you could follow a video to put it together!

5. Learn a new skill or pick up a musical instrument you haven’t touched in years. Bring back memories. Brush up on those skills you still have in the back of your mind.

6. Write a note for someone to make their day. It’s fulfilling for your soul and will completely brighten up theirs.

Some have an empty cup, but they keep pouring from it. But what are you pouring? Nothing. You’re pouring nothing. That is how you burn out. You will not feel fulfilled in the deeds you do or the people you converse with. Others may fill your cup as you can do for others! But this is when you take something from them. When you give from an empty cup, you will burn out fast and will be looking for a refill from others. When you’re capable of filling your cup just by spending some time away from others in need, you are an independent woman who is looking to build up others. Be the one who has grown strong enough to help others out. You can do it! Not everyone can, but you have this power and privilege of knowledge given to you to use.

When you take time to replenish yourself, it allows you to serve others. Stop short-circuiting yourself to grow others. They made me the keeper of the vineyards, but mine own vineyard have I neglected. In which area of life are you neglecting yourself? Focus on yourself so much that you become to the most important person to yourself. Until you become the most important to yourself, you will be useless to everyone else. You cannot pour from an empty cup. 

How To Not Pour Out So Much:

1. Find simple routes to what you do. Sometimes this is possible by still making the very same impact. Don’t mistake this for getting the easy way out and cutting what you finish. 

2. Cut away negatives — whether it’s people or habits. Negative people suck the energy out of you. 

3. Learn to ask for help — this is a strength. People are gifted with talents and strengths just as you are. Humans can’t be good at everything, but one is better at something than the other. Help each other out. And people are ready to assist you just as you are prepared to give to them.